Deathtrap Wiki

There are 18 different minions across 3 different rarity tiers. These creatures will follow players around and provide passive bonuses. They do not attack, and are not attack-able.

  • Tamed Rusalka - Awarded to all players freely.
  • One free random Rare or Godlike minion for owning another Van Helsing game.
  • All others must be purchased through the in game store for Dream Shards (Real money currency).
    1. Common = 50 Dream Shards
    2. Rare = 100 Dream Shards
    3. Godlike = 200 Dream Shards
  • There will be a notification on the level select menu for minions in the store. (see image below)

Minion mention.jpg


Minion common.jpg
Minion 17.jpg

Friendly Gargantula[]

+20% damage VS poisoned enemies
Minion 16.jpg

Experimental Ornithopter[]

+15% damage VS flying enemies
Minion 15.jpg

Shrunken Grimdeer[]

+15% damage VS giant enemies
Minion 14.jpg

Tamed Rusalka[]

+20% damage VS frozen enemies
Minion 13.jpg

Dire Squirrel[]

+15% damage VS horde enemies
Minion 12.jpg


+20% damage VS stunned enemies


Minion rare.jpg
Minion 11.jpg

Icicle Pouncer[]

+20% damage to Ice skills
Minion 10.jpg


+20% damage to Poison skills
Minion 9.jpg

Kid Harpy[]

+10% move speed
+20% damage VS slowed enemies
Minion 8.jpg

Dryad Sapling[]

+20% damage to Physical skills
Minion 7.jpg


+20% damage to Fire skills
Minion 6.jpg

Domesticated Vrikolak[]

+20% damage to Lightning skills


Minion godlike.jpg
Minion 5.jpg

Lady Katarina[]

+10% max health
+1% life steal
Minion 4.jpg

Beeping Automaton[]

-2.5% spell cooldown
+5% to fully heal on kill
Drop extra gems during waves
Minion 3.jpg

Doomsday Plaything[]

+20% damage VS armored enemies
+25% all resistance
Minion 1.jpg


+35% magic find
+50% gold find
Drops extra gold during waves
Minion 2.jpg

Pet Chrimera[]

+2.5% critical hit chance
+15% critical hit damage
Minion 18.jpg


-20% summon trap reset time
Drops extra essence during waves