Deathtrap Wiki

Traps are the basic method for delivering pain and suffering to the monsters swarming out of the Inkheart.

Name Slot type Damage type Element Description
Lava Grill Mystical Ground Splash Fire Fire damage to all enemies that pass over.
Icicle Field Mystical Ground Normal Ice Slows and damages enemies that pass over.
Stasis Trap Mystical Ground Normal Physical Can hold up to 3 enemies in place.
Abyss Crater Mystical Ground Normal Fire/Lightning Chance for enemies to die instantly. They will not award essence.
Portal Glyph Mystical Ground Normal Arcane Teleports enemies backwards. Can be upgraded to deal (10%/20%/30%) lightning damage upon teleportation.
Acid Geyser Mechanical Ground Piercing Poison Poison damage to all enemies who pass over for a brief time. Can upgrade for DOT damage.
Spear Trap Mechanical Ground Piercing Physical Spikes from the ground to impale enemies.
Essence Trap Mechanical Ground N/A No Damage Awards bonus essence when enemies die withing range of this trap.
Spring Trap Mechanical Ground Normal Physical Knocks enemies down. Those that fall off an edge die instantly.
Tick Mine Dispenser Mechanical Ground Normal (Splash) Fire Low chance to attach a bomb to passing enemies. Can be upgraded to leave DOT pool of fire after detonation.
Lightning Pillar Mystical Tower Piercing Lightning/Poison AOE lightning damage to all enemies in range.
Frost Pillar Mystical Tower Concentrated Ice Single target DPS and slows.
Phoenix Pillar Mystical Tower Splash Fire Hurls an exploding fireball. Can be upgraded for DOT fire damage.
Enthropic Pillar Mystical Tower Concentrated Poison/Ice
Olympus Pillar Mystical Tower Normal (Splash) Lightning Slow firing massive AOE lightning.
Gun Sentry Mechanical Tower Concentrated Physical Large attack range with steady DPS
Razor Launcher Mechanical Tower Piercing Physical/Poison
Blast Furnace Mechanical Tower Splash Fire Small AOE fire damage to enemies.
Voltaron Coil Mechanical Tower Normal Lightning Electrocutes all enemies within radius each time it activates.
Cannon Sentry Mechanical Tower Splash Fire/Physical Slow firing massive AOE projectile. Can be upgraded for knockdown.
Monster Cage Summoning Normal Physical Releases a monster when enemies come near.
Reanimator Pit Summoning N/A No Damage Any enemies who die in or near the pit have a chance of turning into a Ghoulkin. Ghoulkin exist for 45 seconds and fight on the player's side. The pit can control a maximum of 3 Ghoulkin at a time.
Archer Post Summoning Concentrated Physical/Poison Summons archers when enemies are in range. Deals damage and acts as a meat shield to distract enemies.
Suicide Swarm Nest Summoning Normal Poison Releases a swarm of 5 suicide spawns who rush at the nearest enemy within their sight range and attack them. When a spawn dies
Winter Queen Sigil Summoning Normal Ice Summons a Winter Queen spirit who fights on your side. The spirit casts blizzard spells at enemies when they step within range. The spell does damage in a 3 meter radius area.